Do we need to skip Level 3 Vehicle Automation?

Do we need to skip Level 3 Vehicle Automation?

Now finally happened what the whole automotive industry was afraid of: a fatal accident with an autonomous vehicle.
So, how much do people who ride in partly automated vehicles understand technical limits and/or are willing to accept them? And how realistic is it to believe that during automated driving mode drivers will stay attentive to traffic situations?

StratMa International registered Expert of "Switzerland Global Enterprise"

StratMa International registered Expert of “Switzerland Global Enterprise”

StratMa International Sarl is proud of being registered Expert of “Switzerland Global Enterprise”.
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How Autonomous Driving will shake existing Business Models

Many announcements have been made in the past weeks about development progress and cooperation in the field of autonomous vehicles, which leads to the thought that autonomous driving may hit our roads earlier than generally expected. These days, main subjects when talking about self-driving cars are technology and legal constraints. But when having a look into the overall eco-system future changes in decision power and revenue streams can be predicted.

Autonomous Driving

The Future is Now!

Las Vegas, Jan. 2016 – At CES 2016 visitors had the impression to stand in front of decisive technological disruptions that will determine the future and change society. Artificial Intelligence, the Internet-of-Things, and Autonomous Vehicles were recurring subjects at the show. As already last year the dominant theme at 2016 CES was to create a better world and make all our lives better.