StratMa International proposes Contract-Manufacturing in Mexico

StratMa International proposes Contract Manufacturing and Supply Chain solutions in Mexico through its partner located in the Bajio region. For suppliers who would like to increase their local content in Mexico this is a flexible, quick, and riskless solution allowing fast access to their customers located in Mexico without high investments.

CES 2017 - Automotive Inovation Report - StratMa International

Reserve the “CES 2017 Automotive Innovation Report”

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 starts in Las Vegas on January 5th 2017. As in previous years StratMa International will again summarise all major automotive trends and innovations in its yearly “CES Automotive Innovation Report” available beginning of February 2017. The report is unique as all innovations will be illustrated with picture material and for most innovations the functioning will be shown with videos. Reserve the report until December 15th 2016 and safe your Early Bird Discount.

Do we need to skip Level 3 Vehicle Automation?

Do we need to skip Level 3 Vehicle Automation?

Now finally happened what the whole automotive industry was afraid of: a fatal accident with an autonomous vehicle.
So, how much do people who ride in partly automated vehicles understand technical limits and/or are willing to accept them? And how realistic is it to believe that during automated driving mode drivers will stay attentive to traffic situations?